I love our hospital. It’s big and white. It’s where I met mommy and daddy.

I love our hospital because I got a cold one day, and we went there. A nice man in white smiled at me and told me that I’ll be alright in no time. I got better after some time. I like him.

Mommy says he’s a doctor. She says that doctors take care of people who are sick, so they can go home and have fun with their family.

I want to have fun with my little brother. I got him at the hospital. The nice doctor says I cannot take him home yet. So my little brother lives at the hospital. Every day, I go there and play with him. Every night, I pray to God to send him home. Mommy says that I can play more when he comes home. She and Daddy pray, too.

I also pray to become a doctor. I want to go to the hospital and make people better. Especially little kids. So they can go home and play with their sisters and brothers.