What keeps you running?

For most of us, we need social interaction with others to keep us sane throughout our busy schedules. Burnout is a real phenomenon and we sometimes need a gentle reminder of the reason we started this journey. Further, each of us have a lot to gain from each other's thoughts and experiences within medicine.

We made this site for medical students and residents. We realized that there weren't many options out there for medical students to relay and acquire stories of the experiences that mold us into becoming better physicians and healers.

We learn through others. It's that simple. The journey of one paves the pathway for multitudes of younger professionals. By sharing your experience in medicine with others, you are not only doing yourself a great deed by reflecting on your passions, but also promoting the internal growth and betterment of your future colleagues.

Need even more reason?

Many people feel compelled to start their own blogs, but find themselves stopping or lagging after a few posts. A few posts means little to no readers. And while we know the importance of blogging for your own personal growth, imagine sharing your experiences and ideas with medical students spanning coast to coast. WhiteCoated enables you to essentially blog whenever its convenient for you, and the best part is, there will always be an audience of future health care professionals ready to listen. We're an open-access, blog-style platform designed to house your unique voice.

Share a story, observation or thought today, and inspire your current peers and future colleagues.