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WhiteCoated depends on entries from medical students and residents across the nation. by sharing your unique perspectives, you are helping to shape the next generation of future healthcare professionals.
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> Submissions of 50 to 1,000 jargon-free words in length are preferred.* (Think about your audience. Short and sweet is always preferred). Please proofread for grammatical/spelling errors. Some categories to consider:

> Moving pieces of inspirational medicine or pieces displaying the humanism in medicine
> Observations within medical education and medical practice
> Articles providing advice for current students/residents
> Podcasts with inspiring medical leaders or notable figures
> Images/photography with similar missions

> Acceptance: Have a friend read your submission. If he/she likes it, there's a great chance it will be accepted! The whole idea is to have everyone's unique voice heard.

Don't forget, you're telling a story to move, educate, or inspire other medical students like yourself.

> If you want to brainstorm a topic or have questions on something you'd like to contribute, reach out to us and we'll help you out! We have ideas ready to go!

*Articles need not be overly formal. Lists and pictures (royalty- or copyright-free) may be inserted within the body of the submission. Word-length may be more or less than suggested; to the author's own discretion.