Your heart or mine?

I want to talk about people who throughout this year have treated you badly, who may have wronged you or ignored you, those people who only seem to remember your name when they need something or



I have often wondered what it feels like to be a patient in the hospital. My personal experiences as a patient have been limited to the occasional clinic visit, having my wisdom teeth removed and


Medical School: A Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess, who had decided to go on a long journey. She had been told about what lay at the end of a long and winding path. It was all of the good things


National Birds

We traveled by school bus for two days to reach the health center. The roads from the capital, originally wide and paved and bustling with urban life, had gradually given way to dirt and dust and


I Love Our Hospital

I love our hospital. It’s big and white. It’s where I met mommy and daddy. I love our hospital because I got a cold one day, and we went there. A nice man in white smiled at me and told me that


A Changed Perspective on Life

The first time I saw her, her skin was thin and wrinkled. Her hair was gray and brittle. Her eyes stared at the empty wall. She was dying. It was so, so sad. Goodbyes are so sad. I remember



They said, Not everyone can be the best. And you thought, I’ll show them. Fast forward many months of struggle and self doubt, shame and regret Late nights, highs and lows In retrospect, a slide


Power Stance: Assume the Position

Take a mental snap shot of the posture you’re in right now. Are you hunched over your computer screen or smart phone, reading this article? Do you find that you’re in this position quite often,



“Normal is an illusion. What is normal to a spider is chaos to the fly.” I had a very unproductive evening in the library that day. It was empty, mostly because of the long weekend


The Monster Inside Us

I am a monster. Or so I think as I relegate myself the darkest place on the internet: the comments section. Here, among the semi-anonymous maze of haters, trolls, religious zealots and the